Building land

6 building plots for sale, rectangular in shape on the island of Vir.
P = 478m2 70000e
P = 479m2 70000e
P = 407m2 60000e
P = 407m2 60000e
P = 407m2 60000e
P = 437m2 65000e
The plot has access to an asphalt road and a marked road with the right to use between plots.
Electricity is in the field.
Possibility of construction immediately after submitting the application for construction.
Distance to the sea is 1600 m as the crow flies and the center of the island of Vir is about 2 km.
They are in a quiet location, surrounded by nature.
Vir faces the north and partly the east side towards the island of Pag, the mythical mountain Velebit and the historic town of Nin, while the west and south sides are immersed in the Vir Sea and connected to the mainland of neighboring Privlaka.
There are many sights on Vir, each of which has a special significance for this island.
The exceptional purity of the Vir sea on all sides and the impeccable blue of the sea make the whole of Vir an attractive beach, whether it is an urban and landscaped beach, or a wild and natural coastal environment.


Building land 479 m2, island of Vir



PROPERTY TYPE: Building land

SIZE: 478 m2



Quiet area,Access - paved


70.000,00 €